2nd Shot Photography
Some Of My Art

Some Of My Art

Photography is my Passion, but I love all the arts, and I enjoy being creative in many ways, here are some of my digital creations, hope you enjoy, and if you do please support me, so that I can continue to be creative.

This #disabled #bipolar man is having technical difficulties I need to get a few things ASAP to keep my computer going & to stay #creative as it is really all I have right now in life Please Help either directly here or you can send me something from my #amazonwishlist,  Thank You.


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Did you know all it takes is 1 person to show hope. 1 person to support, and 1 person to foster a vision. As a bipolar man, this creative visionary. Who uses his unique talent and life situations. To create and develop his works. Supporting my vision will enable me to work for myself, and build a life that allows me to generate income, and work around my disabilities. Currently my vision needs your support to become reality.

Please Help Me

2nd Shot Photography is about 2nd chances and using my #Passion for photography to #Create a life for myself, while developing a #Vision to #Help others.