My Vision

Full Discloser; I am on SSDI Disability. I am doing my best to build a positive life for myself and others. I have zero savings, I have more debt than income, I have negative credit, no collateral, therefore I do not qualify for any type of lending, ie: conventional, small businesses, ect.. Nor do I have anyone in my life with the ability to help me to get moving forward, It is all me by myself. Hence, My Vision page, asking you to help me start. If you do not like it, please move on. Your negative comments have no place in this world. If your ready to help, by all means please do. Thank You and stay creative.

Creative Visionary & Photographer Philip A. Swiderski Jr, Is A passionately creative Bi-Polar social outcast, who’s goal in life is to inspire others to overcome what ever is holding them back. My mental issues foster my creativity. They allow me to see the world with an open mind. I have compassion towards others, because I know first hand. How hard life can be. Photography is my passion. Being creative is my therapy, so my emotions and thoughts often are expressed through my creative works.

For most of my 40 years on earth, I have never experienced a very stable life. No stable home, no stable friends, no stable family, no stable job, no nothing in my life has ever been stable. With the exception that everything is unstable, so the only stability I have ever know, or had has been chaos, fear, loneliness and uncertainty.

You can help me change that for the next 40 years of my life. Currently yet again my home life is facing changes that I have no control over. While I do have the opportunity to make it stable, but only with your support.

If you can hep me raise, $450k pdq. I can purchase the property that I can transform into a location to build my vision, and I can utilize it to start generating income for myself. I believe I can really make my hopes, my dreams, and my actual life needs happen here.

The $450k, will allow me to purchase the property, as well as setup a maintenance funds account, which will cover taxes, utilities and basic maintenance for the next 10years or so. Providing me the time to build, and generate a cash flow positive situation, or have the time to develop a viable exit strategy.

The Vision, To Create A Space That All Can Be Creative. Open to those that have less than ideal opportunity to be their best. To provide an atmosphere that is inviting and inspiring. To teach those that what they have deep within themselves, can enable them to be great…

Artistic freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Abstract life is best lived in the now. Not delayed and not always planed out. Taking the path that often chose us, instead of us seeking out the path to take. Order is important, and without it there is chaos, and wasteful progress. Without meaning the heart is just a muscle that insures the flow of blood. Such as life, without meaning you can not flow through life.

The principle comes from my own experience and life. In a world that is full of issues and social causes. The vision is one that will enable creative thinkers to find their own place in the world, and become contributing members of society.

I foresee us having the ability to hire 5 people from day one, and with in a year to employ 25 full time employees. Our goal will be to take those without jobs, and futures and not give them hope, but to provide them with the tools. To use the hope deep within themselves to better their position in life. As this is the basic idea, we are developing the full plan daily.

Currently we being just me. I am reaching out to you. To join me, I need funding to move forward, like minded creativities to develop goals, time lines and the plans to make it happen. I ask you to think of yourself, if you needed the help to better your self today. Would you be able & to walk into a place and be offered it? If you are inspired at all please reach out to us and see how you can help. Or if you simply want to make a contribution you can do so here, my current goal is $450,000

What inspires my passion is the freedom to create, interact and escape into a world I other wise would not be a part of. Currently my passion is evolving, I want to take my photography to the next level. I want to build a life where my photography supports me, while giving me freedom to live.

My vision is two parts, one personal and the other business, as to the personal is also going to house. As well as be the starting point for the business side. As I am getting older, I am wanting to own my own home. But I am on disability. That means no real chance of saving up money to do anything. Why own? Simple to say it is mine. To feel safe and secure. As well as have a place that I build my photography brand. To be able to have the chance to generate my own income and get off of disability. Owning my own home, will allow me security in where I live and work. As well allow me to build a business that will let me pay my bills and be self sufficient. I have been on my own since I was a teenager and have had a rather rough life. As I do not have anyone in my life. Finding the support one needs to live is hard. I am tired of relying on the system, and tired of not having a stable environment. Helping me raise this goal will be enabling me to build a solid future.

Artist have for centuries have battled with creating art and finding a way to provide a sustainable life. The old adage “Starving Artist” takes a new meaning for me as well as many others. My life has been a very rough one, I have had great loss. Seen the streets first hand, and struggled with being able to provide for my self and my family. I am not alone. What sets me apart from others, is I refuse to give up. Often I step back to rethink my forward momentum. Adjusting my course, and sometimes because of failure. Other times to prevent failure. In life I have learned one thing, people have to have something to live for in order to be productive. In my life I have seen many talented people, and saw in them what could make them great as well as productive. Sadly society forgets that if your not already productive, that you could be. I have experienced this my self a few times.

My vision is to obtain a space large enough to have a coffee shop open to the public. While having the space to not only display art, but create art. The space will be open to all that have a true desire to be productive in life. Regardless of social status. We would like to have room for showers, as a clean body leads to a great start. Nothing makes a person feel better about themselves than a sense of being clean. We will have both private workspaces and wide open creative spaces. It will provide those that want to teach, and learn. As well as the opportunity to those that simply can not afford to. The coffee shop will provide the income to hopefully cover the space. As all creative people will be welcome. We will have payed members as well as free members. The paid members will finance the materials and equipment for the free members.

I am in real need of coming up with $3500 ASAP. I am -$235 in my bank and I have no clue how I will be able to cover my bills. My computer I create my art and process photos on is dying. PLEASE Support today, Even $10 can really help me.

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