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My Self Portraits

My Self Portraits

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. a little background, I am disabled and suffer from debilitating #bipolar I also live in poverty, so gear, I dont have very much at all and I live in a 250sqft space, my useable working space for my #selfportraits is roughly 5ft x 6ft, where I have to set up my lights, my camera, my background and of course myself. I have a Nikon D5600 body, and my favorite lens, is an old school Nikkor 35mm F2.8, I also have a Tamron 28mm F2.5 Adaptall 2, a Kamero 135mm F2.8, and a Minolta MD-Rokkor-X 50mm F1.7 For lights, I do have 3 light stands, in 2 of them I am using 160watt Leds the 3rd light is has an 11watt led that I have inside of an actual soup can, and I have a Godox TT685 flash, that I use sometimes as well as a Pixel MC-650 mic I use for my videos and the Pixel Oppilas wireless remote. I am usually about 2-2.5 to 3ft from my camera, since that is all the room I actually have inside. I always shoot full RAW and in Manual mode, and yes these lens’s are all full manual. For software, I process my raws in Rawtherapee, do lens correction and crop in digikam, and if I want to get creative I use Gimp. I dont have the means to get creative as I would actually like to. lack of space alone prevents most ideas. But I do what I can. Since I do not have any friends that enjoy photography, I do not get out much to capture the world as I would like. And since I do not have the room to set up a studio, I dont have the opportunity to host models and clients. Since I am unable to drive, and live in the country. I dont have really any opportunity to get out to capture anything. So I capture myself. One it is good practice and it keeps me out of bed. I love to shoot, and it also is my therapy. If you want to be a true friend that enjoys photography, and dont mind picking me up, reach out to me here Contact Us if you really like what you see and want to work with me to cover your photography needs you can here Commission Us and if you just really enjoy my passion and would like to support my vision you can. Thank you again for visiting and feel free to share and visit every now and then to see more of me and my works.

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