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Photography Mentor Program

Photography Mentor Program

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Are you tired of your photography style? Do you seem to have trouble of finding inspiration to take that creative shot? Have you lost your creative touch? Or maybe you love photography and have been shooting for years. But your never quite happy with the results.
Well you could spend countless hours reading photography how to’s, scour the internet for photographs to try and find something that speaks to you. Or.
You could simply hire me. Sure I will shoot, but no that is not why your hiring me. I will go through your shooting style, from conception to publish. We will attack concept, composition, lighting, lens, camera settings, processing, post production and publishing.
As I would love to tell you that after 12hours, or a week or even a year. You will be instantly shooting those amazing creative shots you have imagined. I won’t. No matter your experience level in photography, there is always something to learn, master and adjust in your own work.
Often we put too much focus on what someone else thinks of our work. So we can never actually be happy with what we shoot. The focus is on what you like. When your ready to publish that photograph, are you publishing to hopefully satisfy a client or are you publishing just to publish, or are you publishing something your truly happy with? O and yes, so many times I find that latter on I think I could have done this or that, or maybe I should have not done that. But that is art, as we evolve so dose our discerning taste. And we are our own worst critic.
So if your having issues in your photography and would love some creative help getting past it. And if your in the Dallas-Metro area of Texas, other areas are welcome to. You can hire me to work with you for how ever long you feel you need. So that you can take your humdrum photography to the next exciting creative level. Currently my mentor program requires you to provide full transportation for me. As well my rates are $25.00 an hour with a 5 hour minimum. This a mentor program and not a photography service. So you better have a camera and actually have plans on using it, a lot. Just fill out the form below and await for my response which will include an invoice which must be paid in full before mentoring begins.

Sundays and Mondays are currently not available. Please keep that in mind when your requesting your mentor session. Please use the details section to list all your current issues and needs. As well Please Remember you are responsible for the transportation of your mentor. Under no circumstances do I offer refunds. So if you miss a scheduled session, you just donated to my vision. Anything outside of the Dallas-Metro Texas area, requires all transportation, lodging and an additional $225 per day.

Stay Creative and Happy Shooting.


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