Does Your Profile Show The Best You?

pasjrwoctx/ January 18, 2015

  Profiles, we have them everywhere and in today’s world image is everything.  Putting your best features forward put you in front of your competition.  With #twitter, #tumblr, #facebook, #linkedin and countless others the importance of having a clear as well as consistent profile image.  Is key to presenting your self.  As well in your personal life, your looking to attract

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Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man.

pasjrwoctx/ January 10, 2014

Sitting alone in the dark, a rainy Texas night in October. Reflecting upon the day spent wandering Dallas. Looking for something, yet finding nothing. Pointing my camera around in hopes to capture something extraordinary. Left feeling creative with out cause. The rain hiding my tears of pain. The pain of my life and that life has brought to me. Seeking

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