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The Experiment

As time went on the transformation began, at first you would never know. The smallest changes would happen out of the blue. At first one…

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Drifting at sea for 7 days,

 The voyage started 42 years ago, in a world very different. Where people actually talked to one another. A man was valued by the effort…

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My Dearest Amy

My dearest Amy, Today I write to you with great regret, leaving you behind. Was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. You…

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Naked Man

Standing bare, in the corner. Watching as people go by. Hours go by and no one notices the naked man just standing there. Alone, slightly…

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Lost in desertion of a world that has past. Wandering the vast vista, seeking out the purpose.   To ends of no reach, to tracks…

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Tails of the Sickest Six

We where on the way back from a job. The details well you don’t want to know. Tired and ready for a break. We still…

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Darkness, that is all that is in front of and surrounding me.

After sometime sitting in the dark, one should begin to see the light. Or at least one would think so. For me life is in…

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Sector 777A

I awoke the year was 2078, this when I realized something bad has happened. See I went to bed in 2013. What I felt was…

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