2nd Shot Photography
2nd Shot, Your Shot

2nd Shot, Your Shot

As we offer under no circumstances; raws, unlimited rights or refunds. We do offer a creative and unique approach. Giving you a look that is creative, natural and bold. I offer no “normal” photography results. I am an artist that takes great pride in my creative passion. I am not a service providing photographer.
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2nd Shot Photography
2nd Shot, Your Shot
Is about giving everyone the chance to have that moment captured. Whether your needing a head shot to land that job, meet your life partner or capture a family memory.
There is a way, when you don’t think there is. I know first hand how it feels to need something, but its out of reach for what ever the reason.


Our 2nd shot package offers you up to 3 head shots or 5 hours of capturing your life.. Your shots, will be posted with in 72 hours.. As well you have the right to use, and publish them as you see fit. Our creative style, comes from both the composition and the way we process the image. We do not “Photoshop, edit out unwanted items, blemishes, ect…”. Upon making payment, you the client agree that 2nd Shot Photography will create your photographs within our creative style and under our discretion. That 2nd Shot Photography reserves the right to use your shots for promotional opportunities. 2nd Shot Photography reserves the right to amend these terms at any time. Selecting your date and time and submitting your request, is your agreement to our terms of service.

If you happened to land on this page, you either one are looking at our website, two someone sent you here or three. Your wanting this service, but can’t afford it. Well that is why this page is here. 2nd Shot, Your Shot is to capture what you want as our gift to you. We ask that you please respect what we are offering. We ask you do not share the fact that this is how you got great photos. We ask that you truly can not afford our paid services, or any of our fellow photographers in the Dallas area. If we feel that you can pay, you will be billed full price before ever receiving any photographs. In lieu of asking you to verify your financial status and need of photography services. We expect respect and honesty. If your looking for a friend that is in need. And your setting this up, we ask that you click on our Donate Now button after making your appointment and donate to our vision.

In the *Details section of the form, please tell me why you need this service, verse a paid service without feeling bad about telling me. AS I struggle everyday, both to live and survive. I truly understand needs and often wants. So be honest please, and lets create together something that will bring you warm happiness for years to come.

*At this Current Time We Do Require, Assistance In Transportation For The Photographer To And From Your Location Of Choice. For Your Shoot.

* 2nd Shot Photography, will contact you with in 24 hours to confirm location and expiations.

*Transportation Must Be Provided To and From All Photography Shoots/Sessions At This Time.

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