New Year, New You.
New Year, New You.

New Year, New You.

Ecclesiastes 11:10 Remove sorrow from your heart,

and put away pain from your flesh,

because youth and the prime of life are fleeting.

As we end one year and move into another, let us not take with us the things that have brought us down this past year, put away the negative and look forward to the positive, for a new year brings new life, and God has many plans for you. None of which include dwelling on what was or has been, but for you to focus on what will be. Our moments in this life are fleeting, and our time is up. Why be chained down with the sorrow and pain from a year that produced so little? As the new year starts, put God first, and watch your harvest overflow. Just as Jesus came to save us from our past, and God provided us a new life in Christ, He has given you a new year to draw closer to Him, and a new life in faith, that will transcend the suffering of this life. Jesus is waiting for you to start the year new, so join Him and live.


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