Redemption 08-26-2020

In Psalms 103, David is telling us God is a Redeeming God, that His forgiveness is forever reaching. No matter what we as his children do, God will Redeem Us. Should we not also do all we can to help one another to redeem ourselves? When we work together we can not only forgive, but we redeem each other, allowing one another to rise up to God’s plans for each of us.

Verse 8, “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in faithful love.”

If the Lord of Lord’s Creator of Heaven and Earth can shower us with grace and compassion, knowing that He created us and we fail to live up to His name. Do we not owe God, and our fellow man to return that same faithful love, and bestow grace and compassion on one another? Are we not supposed to help one another redeem ourselves?

Redemption, not only saves us from the pits of hell after life. Redemption helps rebuild broken souls, helps to create new life and gives each one of us another chance in life to live up to our fullest potential.

Today I would like you to read Psalms 103, then pray about it. I want you to ask God to not only to redeem yourself, but to empower you to help other to redeem themselves. Together with God we can all create a better life and world.

Your support will enable so many wonderful creations, and opportunities to happen.

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Author: pasjrwoctx