Suffer or be Satisfied?

Isaiah 53:11 “After his soul suffers many things, he will see life and be satisfied. My good servant will make many people right with God; he will carry away their sins.

When God created Adam, we tell ourselves that the Garden of Eden was beautiful and full of everything one can imagine. Reality is , the garden was no garden. It was just a place where Adam woke and took his first breath.

God did not just give Adam everything. God gave Adam the ability to find a way to have everything he needed to live. Over time, man has built up our idea of Eden as this garden of luxury, and man has tried mimicking that into his own daily life. Building up false happiness and pride. Chasing after the next best thing, the next dollar and the new idea. Man never actually builds, reaches or sees Eden in his life. No matter how hard he tries, he never is satisfied.

It is the man that suffers, struggles and trusts in God in all he does. That even though never having his own Eden, one does find a satisfied life. For many, we must lose all we know. To suffer the indignity and humiliation of losing all. To be publicly cleansed through the torment of many hells. Before he realizes God is the only thing and the only way one can truly be satisfied.

Suffering comes in many forms, and at what seems to be the worst of times. After all is there ever a good time to suffer? Well as children of God, we are to trust that God allows us to suffer and struggle. Sometimes to teach us a lesson, to bring us closer to God, and sometimes to reach others so that they do not have to suffer. Sometimes God allows us to struggle and suffer for no reason ever know to us.

I can tell you, if you want to truly be satisfied in life, and even while suffering. Trust in God with all your heart and soul. Let Jesus in your heart, life and take control of your life. Live your life as if your physically walking with Jesus. No that is not easy, but so much of your life will be fulfilling and you will be satisfied when you allow God to work in your life.

If this seems confusing or you want to discuss your walk with Jesus more and learn how to allow Gods plan for you to work in your life. I am more than willing to talk and pray with you.

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Author: pasjrwoctx