The Experiment
The Experiment

The Experiment

As time went on the transformation began, at first you would never know. The smallest changes would happen out of the blue. At first one would be able to see extremely well in the dark. Then as time went on, things like walls and other obstacles could been seen. But you would be able to see not through them per say, but you where able to see into them. As to see how they where built or formed. The neat thing was that in a matter of weeks, I could see a person and see there complete insides. Watch the heart beat and neurons firing. The thought of this power being exploited was over whelming so for a while I never spoke of it. In a couple of months I was able to actually read someones thoughts before they thought them. In a few instances I actually redirected the person to think something else. Altering the outcome of course of what was supposed to be.

It started as a joke one day while alone. I decided to read some science journals and see what was going on. There was one article about AI and self aware robots. The main part of the article was how will humans combat this. You know the what if “Skynet’s Terminators” became real. I set out to find a way to improve humans without making them cyborgs. The key was genetics. Since most science projects are funded by public companies testing on living humans is still frowned upon. So I used myself as a test subject.

It started with extracting the embryos of Hawks, Eagles and large Owls. Merging them into one cell and extracting the cells that give them there amazing sight. I was able to multiply it and inject it directly into my own eyes. Nearly blind, instantly I was able to see far better than ever before. I went 2 years and never saw any decline. But I wanted more. I then was able to identify the genes that gave birds of prey there sense of sight and how they interpret what they see. For fun I added the same genes from bats, and crows. As I injected it into the base of my brain. I felt a weird burning sensation. But the outcome was intense. By the time I was ready to move off of the sight part of my experiment. I was able to see in ways humans never imagined before.

Thinking ok I need to beat a killer robot, how would I be able to out run if needed. After all I could now see them and how they worked. Land animals all have one problem with speed. They have bursts of speed, but none have the ability to run at high rates for very long. When trying to out run a bullet, or plasma beam speed and distance matter. The answer was not making my self faster. It was to slow down time. The theory was if I could slow my movement and all my human systems down to past dead with out being dead. The robots would not be able to track me. No heat sig of a dead body. The answer was Ebola. Yea freaky right. I found a way to mutate Ebola to kill me on command, without actually killing me. It could be for a second or even weeks if needed. Anyone or anything that came up to me would assume I was dead. So now I can see everything in existence and I can be dead instead of dead.

The next problem was strength. Simple horses and elephants. When the genetics are merged correctly and applied to my own gnome. I became a power house that could move, carry and tear apart anything in my path. There was an old 50cal in the garage, it was useless now. But in great shape. So I tested my strength. I tore it apart like a piece of paper. Awesome.


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