Sector 777A
Sector 777A

Sector 777A

I awoke the year was 2078, this when I realized something bad has happened. See I went to bed in 2013. What I felt was a dream, clearly was more than that. Tired from a hot day of work, I did my best to relax and get a good nights rest. Time to time I have very explicit dreams. This time it appears to not be a dream.   Not only did I wake up 65 years after I went to bed, I woke up in a whole different location.   Back in my home state, of MI and very close to my home town at that. Technology, had made great advances as well as changed the face of mankind for ever.   Yes there was still roads, and normal modes of transport. There also was new machines and ways to get somewhere. However evidence of a great war is every where, both in sight and the news.   I find I am not alone in waking up. There seems to be a selected group of around 100 people placed back into there point of origin. As if to help rebuild and guide the next time of life.   To say exactly where I am would not be wise, nor would telling people where I was looking to go. So I used some backtracking logic to obtain intel into where the installation I was going to.   A little bit of background, back when I was a boy. I grew up near an Joint Military Base. Most people where blind to there actual dealings on that base. However I somehow became very good friends with the Base Commander, and was shown many of its hidden secrets. One of which being an underground entrance 12miles away. Which at the time was very close to my back yard. So often when I would need to be alone, I would go there and hide. Many times I would take one of the underground jeeps, and go to base. I had all the inside knowledge of the newest top secret projects. I felt special. Never realizing I was being taught things that would later save our country and man kind.   If you ever visit Harriosn Twp MI, you would not expect to find a top Secret Base. In fact many years ago, it was formally closed. Or that is what they lead you to believe. Instead it moved underground, starting in the same place it was above ground. The complex covered the area of Dallas, but underground. I knew it was under development when I was a boy but never thought it would be completed.   It appears that the night back in 2013 I went to sleep, and the American Government launched attack on its own people. Sending nukes to major cities, destroying the power grid and all communications. Well, from knowledge I have had. I already knew this came from the top. Many Military Officials, where executed for failing to attack Americans. As where tens of thousands of solders. However prior to the attack, there had been enough pings in the pipe about this happening. So much of our military was able to steal, hide and protect many of our weapons food and essentials to rebuild America.   However the WhiteHouse found a few radicals to help carry out its attack on its own people. This is where things get weird. Back when I was a boy, I used to have weird talents and visions. Well that is because I was created to become Leader of what is now Sector 777A. Being told I was born of a crazy woman and shitty father. I had 3 sisters and well that was the end of normal. What I never understood is why my mom would all ways take me to the doctor for the stupidest reasons. Never taking my sisters. Well Now I know, I was being treated for radiation and being implanted with a device that in the even of a war. My body would go into suspended animation. So here I am 65 years later and still 35. Fucking weird.   Well there is more but at the moment I have to find a new power supply. So until my next entry. Stay Safe   We had been battling the blaze, for what seemed months. When out of the blue, the rain came. A rain so strong, so steady and so fast. With in minuets the battle was over, smoke filled the valley. Roads turned to mud. Or fight was over for now. The fire, the great fire has met it’s match. Bowing down to the heavenly flow. Only a few ambers where left. Our life saving and fire fighting efforts had been almost instantaneously turned into recovery mode… I had Sector 45, the valley of eternal death. After two days finding mainly chard bodies, and remissness of what used to be. In a hot muddy pile of rubble. I herd faint cries for help. A woman bent over her father, crying for help to get up. She was in shock he was still alive, but knew we would never make it. Herself severally burned but able to move. I pulled her to her feet, pointed her towards command and told her RUN RUN for help. As she disappeared into the smoke, I knew I had no time to wait, command was 10miles away. I picked her father up told him hold on and I slung him across my shoulders. I ran like I never have before. No reason, other than this man I felt needed to live more than others. As I ran I talked to him, Only getting a faint squeeze out of him now and then. I promised him, if he stayed with me. God would end his pain and suffering. I told him how wonderful God was, the love he has for us. For ten miles, I ran hard I cried like a baby. Screaming for God to save this man. By the time I reached command, they where packing up. One box left waiting for this guy. I loaded him without time for another word, they drove off. I searched for his daughter for several hours only to find out. He had no daughter, and no woman was ever spotted or found. For many years I wondered what became of that man I saved. I went to find him. Only to find out, he had died on the way to the burn unit. His last words recorded where directed to me. I never herd them until now. Run Philip Run, You Saved Me and Now I am with out pain…………………… When I tried to find out about them man, his name, anything really. I was told you wont believe this. But that man was you. God had come to teach you, just trust and run…….

Left upon the desperation of a hellish life. Struggling to reach something to hold onto. Beyond the point of actually returning to a normal life. Join the fight and destroy those that are taking our freedoms one by one.

The war has already begun, as no bombs have fallen. Many have been shot, or captured in their fight for freedom. Removed from life for standing upon the very core of our once great nation.

Leading a small resistance, I have seen many things in this battle. Many have died, both from my hand and lack of the ability to protect them. Sleep evades me, as nightmares of the dead haunt my dreams.

Trust the U.N. they said, funny. U.N. was funded by the very bastards they where supposed to fight against. At the head, Russia and its communistic rhetoric. America which is to be at war with Russia, the second largest nation involved. Latest reports say that the U.S. government payed Russia to attack our soil, in hopes to wipe out large amounts of American born citizens. Scaring the rest into submission of the federal government. Instead, it split this country into many sectors. My sector 777A, has been hit the hardest from what I have been able to tell. A trusted location and military town, we should have had protection. It was one of the hardest hit bases in the first strike from Russia. Whats worse is the division of people. Of those that are left, you have to be very careful of who you talk to. Either they want to sell you out in hopes they do not get shipped of to camps. Or they try and kill you thinking your one of the U.N.

Crap, not enough time to continue. Fedbots, around the corner. Time to defend whats right. More next chance I have to breath.


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