My Dearest Amy
My Dearest Amy

My Dearest Amy

My dearest Amy,

Today I write to you with great regret, leaving you behind. Was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. You must know the work we are doing is going slow. But it surely will make a difference in years to come. For as you know with many great opportunities in life come at a price. The price we payed this weekleads to my regret.. Along with this letter, I am sending the belongings of three great men. As we had lost them to savages. They defended our camp and our mission with great pride as well courage. I ask you please give each of their families $1,000.00 plus this months pay along with their personal effects. As well please express our deepest sympathy and gratitude for allowing us the time with. Mr.Henry J Adams, Mr. Johnny B Williams and Mr. Andrew M Fellows These men will be missed with great admiration.

As to you my dearest Amy,

I hope life back at home is going well for you. I know running things there alone can be hard on you. Remember in two months time the crops will be in. I am sending you the funds to hire a few men to help you in the harvest. Mr. Harvey back at the mill said just ask him and he will arrange the workers for you. I long for the day I get to see you again.

Until then my dearest Amy, I send you my love.


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