Our House Is Burning, And No One Cares.

“Our House Is Burning, And No One Cares.” is not a commentary on the environment, but a visual commentary on the environment in which we have chosen to live in. #2020 has become the cultural blunder of society. Where up is down and wrong is right. We cancel people for their views, we destroy random lives and property. We blame government for what we voted for. Each side has valid points, and yet instead of focusing efforts to restore a once great nation. Everyone pours gas on the fire, to keep it going. While saying I dont care our house is burning. Only to turn around and say why did you burn down my house? This work is fire engulfing a house, the house is our society, our individuality, our collective efforts that have been breathing destruction. I personally think society needs a hard reset, but with a little effort from each one of us, we can stop the flames of hate, and spread the life and unity of love. Change does not need to come from some great force. Change comes from each one of us, respecting one another, and loving each other. Stop burning our home, we all need to live here together, would it not be better to live in peace and love?

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Author: pasjrwoctx