Faith is like Photography

Luke 17:6 “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed,” the Lord said, “you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

Faith is like Photography

God Creates Love


In photography, we have to Focus, we have to pay attention to Fstop, ISO, Color Temp, where our light is coming from and going, the quality of light. We have to pick or pose our subject to capture as close to what we envision.


Faith, we have to stay Focused, so that our Light is bright and clean. We have to choose subject our selves to God’s will, so that God’s picture of us not only comes out clear, but so that through the grainy parts of our life, we shine bright no matter how dark it may seem.


Picking the right lens for the shoot is a lot like picking the right verse for what we need to hear. Sure any lens can shoot any subject, and all of God’s word applies to us. But at certain times, we need to specialize. Just picking that perfect portrait lens, the perfect verse for the day or situation can really pull out the details. With the right verse, the subject at hand can become clear, and we can see the details God is sharing with us at that moment.


Faith, comes from believing that the moment we take the shot, all of our experience and years of practice and training will produce award winning photographs. Faith, is like old school photography, with film. You know when you take a great shot, and you cant wait to get it developed. Today with digital photography, we get to see the result instantly, for those of us that are strong in our faith. We dont chimp behind the camera. We dont look for the missed shots, or imperfections. We look for what we have achieved. We dont credit the camera, but our own years of experience. A person of Faith, does not look at where we where, or are. But where we are going, and how we where able to. Our Faith, allows us to focus, and know that each shot we take, will be fruit bearing.


Like in photography, in Faith, we grow we learn, we adapt. With each new subject that comes into view. We can see the potential outcome, because We have Faith. A faith that tells us, with Jesus in our hearts, and God on our side. We can not only capture the world, but we can help bring it into focus for others.


Live in Faith, and take near perfect photographs every time.

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