Luke 18:29

Luke 18:29 Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, all those who have left houses, wives, brother, parents, or children for the kingdom of God will get much more in his life. And in the age that is coming, they will have life forever.”

Jesus is telling us that when we accept the Holy Spirit into our hearts and lives. Those things we lose to follow God, and have lost before. Will be replaced with more than we have ever lost. For Gods mercy and grace are so great. That even in our darkest hours, we receive blessings. I know first hand what it is to lose family both to death and to life choices. But when we are of Spirit and live in Faith. The pain of loss is replaced with Love and Hope. Allowing us to transfer that power to those along our path. To heal them, and guide them as well to eternal life with the love of Jesus. No matter what your going through right now. When you give your life to Jesus, and put your Faith in God. You will be born again and you will have an amazing life. You are worthy of his Love, all you have to do is accept his love for you.

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Author: pasjrwoctx