Gods Word Is Life

1 John 1:1 We write you now about what has always existed, which we have heard, we have seen with our own eyes, we have looked at, and we have touched with our hands. We write to you about the Word that gives life.

As my soul wants & needs nothing as Jesus provides for them My body my earthly host has many needs It is a battle to separate at times My physical life can be summed up as hell on earth So much I need to be in this world My soul is provided for If only I could return to Heaven.

But God sent me here, we fought before He sent me, and often along the way we have not seen eye to eye with my presence on this earth. Yet here I am, to serve at Gods Will, and humbly I do, even when I long to be in His presence to worship for all of time.

Struggles are real. Life with an earthly host is hard. When others dont understand you, or your purpose it is worse. And when you barely have the resources for this world, at times the man of flesh I am, screams out.

God, my God. Why have you chosen me? Of all your creation, why must it be me. If not for my Lord and Savior, with out my friendship with and the Love of Jesus Christ. I would be not only stuck here, but truly alone.

If you feel you can bare no more. Trust me when I say. Gods plans for you, are greater than any suffering you have. Hold tight to your loving God, ask Jesus to guide you allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and let your troubles bother you no more….

Your support will enable so many wonderful creations, and opportunities to happen.

If you or someone you know would like to talk about what God can do in your life, Please Recah Out To Me, I would love to talk to you about your journey with God, and allowing Jesus to work miracles for you.

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Author: pasjrwoctx