Feed the body, but Nourish the Soul.

Feed the body, but Nourish the Soul.

John 6:26

26 Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, you aren’t looking for me because you saw me do miracles. You are looking for me because you ate the bread and were satisfied.

We eat when we are hungry, we eat when we are happy, sad, you name it we eat. Some of us eat more than we should, some dont get enough to eat. In today’s world few of us actually eat what we need, and only what we should eat. For me, eating is difficult. I can only afford a few things, and worse I can only eat a few things, I like everything. But my stomach and the rest of my body can really only handle a few things on a regular basis, and sadly I cant afford to eat them on a regular basis. Pizza is one of them, for some reason, I can eat a lot of pizza, and my stomach and body are very comfortable and happy with it. But I can only afford about 4 of the cheap frozen pizzas a month on my income. The rest of my food, is pasta based, but that does not work well. Chicken gives me the runs and beef makes my stomach shutdown. Pork is great, but goes right through me. And well I could go on.

Pizza is my Savior, but I just cant afford to get enough to live on. While at the same time, most of as we can afford the time and the effort, we don’t eat up enough of Gods word. We dont fill nor nourish our souls. We live empty lives, that we fill with garbage, or things that hurt us, or that simply have no value just to try and feel full. The truth is, all we need is the word of God, Jesus in our hearts and to trust and to allow the Holy Spirit to full fill us.

Jesus told his apostles and those that gathered for the meal at the lake of Galilee. The reason they are full, is not because of the food, but because of their faith in Jesus. They knew that only Jesus could feed so many people with so very little food, and for that faith they were full in spirit.

Life is so very difficult, and often we over complicate it by not nourishing our soul. All we have to do, is step back from the table, and talk to God, and ask Him to full fill our needs, then trust that in His time, God will fill our lives with such abundance that we shall never go hungry.

I know my life is and always will be very hard and a struggle. My Faith allows me to know, that when the time comes, by the Grace and Mercy given unto me by Jesus, I will be fulfilled.

Make time in your life to cut out what you dont need, and nourish your soul with Gods word, and have Faith that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life you have been searching for.

Your support will enable so many wonderful creations, and opportunities to happen.

If you or someone you know would like to talk about what God can do in your life, Please Recah Out To Me, I would love to talk to you about your journey with God, and allowing Jesus to work miracles for you.

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