I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

Sometime about 16-17 years ago now, I was sitting in a jail cell in Polk county Florida, hating where my life had lead me, hating myself more than ever before. I was searching for something, anything to get me out of there. I was told about a Faith based dormitory that the sheriff had set up. I applied to be transferred to it. At first is was simply to get away from the scum I was sharing a cell block with. Always being a Christian, and knowing Jesus personally, I thought this was a shoe in, and an easy way to serve my time. The moment came, when they called my name to to move me. I was feeling both relieved and anxious. Arriving in the new dorm, I was greeted with Love and Respect, by some of the hardest men I ever met. They gave me the run down on how the dorm operated, and I had to agree to bible study 3 times a day, group fellowship, and a lot of silent time. It was run like a monastery. With lots of time for personal reflection and growth. They had pastors from local ministries that came in, and talked, prayed and worked with us. Unlike other dorms, we did not have tv, but a radio that we could only listen to Christian music on. I was coming up a a court date to be hopefully released, but something had happened and they had to cancel the appearance. For the first time in several weeks in this dorm, I just sank. I lost all hope. Then someone had just gotten a Chris Tomlin cd, and put it in. For the first time I heard I Can Only Imagine, my heart fell apart. After years of knowing God, and long after I had ever accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, this song connected the dots that somehow I missed before. That song lit a fire in my heart. It got me through the remaining time, both in the Polk County jail, and several more trails. The words, are what I had always felt, but never listened to. My life from birth to know writing this has been pure hell. But I Can Only Imagine what God can do in and with my life. Which really helps me move moment to moment. There is so much more to my story and so much that has yet to be written. I can only imagine what God will do in my life, and I know, if you listen to this song with an open heart, God will let you imagine what he can and will do in your life if you let Him…

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