I like to paint

Photography is my passion, but I also like to paint and like my photography. My painting is all over the place, and really a display of my emotions.

If you like these, you can buy them for $1000 for the 5″*7″ or $1500 for the 8″*10″ each. These are the originals and wont be recreated as in each one, there is only 1 original painting. To order one, simply send me an email via Contact Us and let me know which one or ones you would like to purchase, I will send you an invoice to pay, after I receive payment I will ship out. There are no refunds.

If you like them but that’s more than you want to spend currently, you can pick up prints of these and some of my other works here, https://www.redbubble.com/people/woctxphotog/portfolio/recent

I am really need to get a few things to help in my #photography and #art It would be so awesome if you would be kind and help me stay #creative today. I am looking to raise $1000,

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