Bring It To Life

This is a 1972 F350, that I acquired several years ago with the hopes of bring it to life. Time and money where absent. I now have the time, but still need the money. What I would like to to do, is to repair all that needs to be repaired, ie, it needs a whole new brake system, a new starter, alternator, windshield, new bench seat, Tires, ect. Ideally I would beable to make it road worthy and get it inspected and plated. As I do not drive, I would use it on the ranch where I live to take care of the property, and I would love to rent it out as a classic work truck prop for indi films and photography projects. I looked into it, but because currently it has to be towed everywhere, no one will pay to rent it. But if I could make it drive able it could generate income for me. As well, as the income grows from its use, I could hire a driver, to use my truck and drive me around for my own photography. This truck will allow me to build a small but modest income. But currently I can not afford to buy the parts to fix it. I will be doing most of the repairs my self. As I have spent time researching and looking for parts, my best estimate for everything is around $5000. I would love a little more for unforeseeable issues. But covering the basics would be a huge help in bringing this truck to life, and to help pull me into a life of income.

If you would like to help bring it to life, support today please, and in the comments section when donating, let me know it is to bring it to life.

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2 Replies to “Bring It To Life”

  1. I have a shopping cart and With your support I can order the first items needed to bring this beast to life and put it to work to generate some kind of income for myself and my vision, Bring It To Life

    1. FYI I just ordered the parts listed above however I still need help to actually pay for it and to buy parts for brakes that I don’t have yet by ordering it I use the rest of my grocery budget for the month so any support would be greatly appreciated.

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