Less Is More 2019-08-12

Ok I know the saying “Less Is More” but lets admit, in reality that does not always apply nor is it ideal. I live on $1000.00 a month to cover all bills, and I have nothing left to save or spend on wants, hell I can barely cover needs. My desktop is almost over 10 years old, and my laptop is right around 10. One of my OM-D E-M5’s is used, and both have out lived their shutter count. I have a few lens’s but missing 2 that I really need for more of what I like to shoot. My studio, what studio? Is the 5f x 6ft space, where I set up my lights, camera and a super simple backdrop. Every time I want to shoot, then take them all down, just so I can turn around. I know a thing or two of Less Is More, and I have excelled at making the most out of nothing. But like many, I have out grown Less Is More. I actually need more. Just imagine if I can shoot these with what I have now. Imagine if I had my own home, and room to set up a real permanent studio. Just imagine what I could really do. I could have clients, that I could host shoots for, I could generate income to grow, and continue my growth while supporting my self. Today, I am at a point I need more to do more. But I am currently unable to get more on my own at this time. Please support my vision today and help me to obtain more so I can do more.

All of the self portraits where taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the M.Zukio Digital 1.4X Teleconverter MC-14 with the #Metabones N/F-M43 mount and my favorite lens, Nikon Nikkor 35mm F2.8 @ F5.6 1/15 ISO800 35mm

I could really use your Help Today, I am $250 short on bills and my computer I create with is DEAD, Will you please help me out today? Just $10 can be a huge help, Please now I need to raise $3500 ASAP Thank You So Much.

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