Sarah & Joey Bourquin’s Wedding 2018-11-03

It was a windy Saturday in early November. When family and friends gathered to witness and share as Sarah and Joey made a life long commitment to one another. The setting was simple and humble, filled with naturally rustic charm. For all that came and shared that day. A great time was had by all. As in all my works. I allow my creative spirit to control the shot, to capture and develop what my soul is experiencing at that moment. The following gallery is in no certain order. It is however, a collection of works as how I envisioned my experience of the day. May the beauty of what I have to share, last half as long as the love that has been forged today.

If you enjoyed my eclectic portrayal of Sarah and Joey’s wedding, and your interested in obtaining prints. Please follow this link,

This set of photos, are photographs that as much as I love how I originally presented them as you can see above. I felt like creating a more traditional look for some and for others one that is a tad bit more romantic. As well, you get to see my creative range. Also, Artist Prerogative always applies. Hope you enjoy these and all my works.

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