Home Made 2018-10-10

This evening, I was again lonely, bored and in the mood for something sweet and different than my usual pasta dinner. I made a cake. I used pancake mix, strawberry jello, an egg, some and some milk, after mixing well I poured into a square cake pan, then I added chocolate syrup shaking the cake pan for it to lightly mix and settle in. I baked it. Afterwards I thought it looked naked. So I tossed some fake butter spread in to my bullet mixer with some coca powder, a bit of cinnamon some sugar a splash of milk and more chocolate syrup. Took a little bit to get what I was looking for.. Did not help it is almost 80deg inside. But it came out, I cover the cake shoved in the fridge for an hour and now I am about to try it out. MMM Good a tad gooey but good. My creative need today has been met as well as my sweet tooth.

These photos taken with,
Olympus OM-D E-M5, M.Zuiko Digital 45mm 1:1.8 @ F8 1/50s ISO500 45mm

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