Noise, either it is rgb sensor noise which is disgusting, or it is luminance noise and when you are creating a black and white photo adds texture and structurer. Hate it or love it, or worse learn to live with it. Digital cameras all produce noise. Yes some are better at reducing it than others. Sometime in when processing your raw files you can tame the noise. But what about when your shooting at high ISO? if you can’t seem to reduce the rgb sensor noise. Convert to black and white, and live with it as luminance grain. Now before you think I just gave you a reason to live. Remember luminance noise is not the same as rgb sensor noise. However when converting to black and white. You can trick the viewers eye into seeing it as a benefit. Be Wild, and Bold.

Photo taken with O-MD E-M5 and M.Zuiko Digital 25mm F1.8 @ F8 1/4000s ISO6400 25mm

Also, there is a difference when viewing photos with noise on a digital monitor verse a true print. Prints often show far less noise than any monitor. So dont be to afraid of it.

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