Incoherent Pleas

Ignoring my pleas for support dose not bode well for my emotional issues. I am having issues with being able to provide for myself and it is harshly effecting my emotional state. I am doing all I can to hold on. But I am losing the war on all fronts. Please I need your help. Please support here today or buy something here your support currently will provide a path for me to build a life I can live and survive. Which will relieve my #anxiety calm my #PTSD, and reduce the effects of #bipolar Allowing me to have a chance to think clearly, and focus on #creating a healthy path. That will allow me to better manage my #mentalhealth which will allow me to provide for my living expenses which I currently can not. Please Help Me am tired of fighting alone, and I know that if I can raise $15,000 this weekend I can at the very least cover my basic needs for the next year. But if I can raise more, then I will have the ability to work on obtaining a car, getting #mentalhealth care, and working on my photography in a more aggressive manner. Where I can have more works for sale, have the chance to network and possibly look into doing paid shoots to support myself. But today right now I am in a bad place. Please help me fight and Please Support me today.

My head is spinning and my anxiety is out of control. No one seems to understand where I am right now. Fuck I want off this roller coaster.

All I want is to be able to focus on my photography and being creative. But I cant. I cant because my life is spiraling out of control. I am not sleeping again. If I do my night mares are getting worse. The dark thoughts are back and stronger than ever.

Lack of money is compounding my issues. I cant stay where I am any more. I cant take care my self. I have to rely on other people to get me to the store, I cant find a doctor. If I could find one they are 25-50 miles away and I have no way to see one.

I am busting my ass the only way I know how to sell my art, in hopes of generating enough money to cover the basic expense of rent and food. If I could make more, then I could focus on saving, so I could move whee I could take care of myself.

People dont seem to understand the urgent need I have. Or they think I am just trying to scam them. I am not, I actually need help, and I am doing my best to advertise my works for sale. But I am getting no where.

I feel so very alone, I feel so very scared, I am so fucked.

If I could raise $15thousand today, I would be able to breath for a moment knowing that for the next year I can cover my basic needs. Id love to raise more so that I can move, get the mental health help I desperately need. And focus on growing a business that will pay my bills and enable me to share my story with others so they can find a path out of their own hell.

I cant go on doing this alone. I am spinning out of control. I truly need your financial support today. If I cant get what I need covered today, I am not sure how long I can hold on. I am fighting to do so. But at some point, I fear I will lose the fight to fight….

I wonder if anyone would give me a new long term home rent free for at least 2 years. After all I am without income currently, and in a location that would afford me the chance to take care of myself. Of course I would need help to move, since I dont drive. I dont have all that much. Maybe you need a full time personal photographer.

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