The Master And His Master Piece

You can deny me my freedom to live, you can ignore my hopes and dreams. You can try to keep me in the dark. You can hide my vision from the world. But you will Never hide my Passion, my Heart and my Soul. You will never steal my talent and my passion to create. You will never steal my peace. You may fail to appreciate me for who I am, you may fail to appreciate my works. You can not fail to see, I Am, and Will Always Be. For I am Who I am, and as God created me, so shall I create with the passion God has given unto me. I would love to have you wake up and see my passion, my talents, my vision and support my efforts to live an independent life. I pray that you see that my life has and is hell. That being creative is my only hope I have. It is the only happiness I have, my only way to survive the darkness I am in.

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