His eyes said he was a lonely and angry,

Standing there as if there was a reason, yet blank as to why. Looking onwards as the rest of the world went by. Not a soul around could see the mans frown. The noise of the town could not drown out his cries. Lost in a world he had never known. Sad the man was inside.
He came to be, because God said he was to be. With a passion in his heart, and a purpose in his life. But the man was sad inside. Day by day the man watched the world go by. Now and then he would speak to a passer by. But most of the time he was sad inside. Alone and lost, go on he must.
Each day he tried to find the man inside. He would pray and seek, he would create and sleep. Only in his dreams did he not cry. For as time went on. His heart turned cold. His mind created a reality that was all his own. Among his friends, the world could not see. The man was sad inside.
With every morning, he arose to try. To live out the hope he had inside. With each night the anger grew. Nighttime brought nightmares. Nightmares brought anxiety, anxiety triggered manic episodes. What a roller coaster for the man to ride. Day by day he never knew. Would today I be happy inside?

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