Ravensway HRC 2018 Spring Hunt Test

The following content I have to share with you, is not as important as the context in which it is presented. The 2018 Ravensway HRC Spring Hunt Test was a great time of fellowship. As this year we had a few hurdles to overcome to make sure a great time was had. From the end of setup Friday, to the final closing of the gate Sunday night. All the pieces fell into place.

The Hunt committee, put in months of hard work to organize and make plans a-z. In the end the people that came out to enjoy a common interest made all the planing and hard work well worth it. As I actually can not nor am I speaking for the Ravensway HRC Hunt Committee, I do know how hard they had to work to make this a great weekend.

The photographs that I did capture and have the pleasure of presenting. Are a reflection of what I saw this past weekend. As I often lean towards the more creative process from capture to presentation. This time around I chose to go with a more natural approach. For everyone I saw was in their natural environment. Even though many put in countless hours just to participate. There was a great sense of normalcy, as we are all in our happy place. And as I may in the future re-process some of the photos, over all as I culled through them. I felt a softer calmer normal photograph. Would speak louder. No I am not a “professional, nor an amateur” photographer. I am just a creative visionary, that is passionate about photography. Just as much as many of you are passionate about the great dogs you own, train and run. I was part of this event because well I am part of a great family that would not leave me at home. As I wear many hats. I did have time to capture how I saw this years hunt test. No, I did not capture every dog, or every person and my photography style is not your average photographer’s style. I am both creative, and direct with What I Shoot, How I Shoot, and How I Process. The photographs I am presenting here. Have much more value in context over technical content. As many will go on to other tests, and back to training. Many have their own personal lives to contend with. I know this personally. My point is, look at these photographs. Not for the assumption of what a great photograph is, but for the spirit in which I was inspired to capture them. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your weekend, and I hope you enjoy.

If you enjoy our work, we would love for you to support our continuing efforts.

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