#Faith, is a walk with #God. It can not be taught, it can not be forced. No man can influence your faith. Faith is a relationship between you and God alone. Never allow anything to disrupt your path. For God already knows his plans for you. And they are for you to prosper.

Do you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and your sins and to give you Eternal salvation? Do you enjoy the grace and mercy of God everyday? Do you believe I’m a flawed and fucked up individual? That is proud to say Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Are you?

What if church, was not church? But actual fellowship. teaching, sharing, giving and using the talents God gave us to better the very community we live in? What if there was no preaching, but walking side by side to better each one of us? To spread the Love of Jesus. If I ever Pastor a church it will be unlike any you have ever seen there will be no condemnation only the love of Jesus and as I lead it will only be to start as it is a community a communion a fellowship of Christ and the celebration of God all will be pastors within the church

Over the coming weeks, I will be adding more info to this post. So Stay Tuned.


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  1. Jesus saves, and truly Redeems us. God created you the way you are. You suffer for His glory. Not so you suffer, but so that you can be a voice to those that are suffering and need to find Jesus. God is so Amazing.

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