My Formal Resume

pasjrwoctx/ January 9, 2018/ 2nd Shot Photography/ 0 comments

I am who I am, Creative and Passionate. No resume, no formal education. Lived a life of hell. I am because of what I have endured, I will be for the grace of God. I know nothing, yet I have wisdom beyond my years. My tool box is small and few. Yet I can build what I set out to build. You seek passion, boldness, you desire creative and free thinking. You have found it. But are your eyes truly open to the possibilities that come from working with me? My name is dirt, yet I hide not. My past is my past and my future is being created each day. For those that have the gift, I shall be. Dare to be creative when you create with me.

The only resume, or application I will ever submit is this post. Either you can see my ability, my passion, my openness and my heart. Or you will not. The choice is yours.

Do not ask for references, I have provided substantial evidence of my creative talents within this website. Any requests will result in deletion of interest.

If you enjoy our work, we would love for you to support our continuing efforts.

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