I don’t take pictures, I create portraits.

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The art of capturing moments, locations, items even people. Has become diluted with filters and thoughtless actions. With a camera in nearly every hand and dslrs so affordable. True photography is becoming a lost art. For all the works I see online, so many fail. Number one failure is lack of vision, right next to that is no passion for the composition. Sure a great camera body and lens can take amazing photos. Along with all the software to play with. But with out vision and passion they are just pictures. Imagine sitting down to Christmas dinner, only to find your alone and the food you are about to eat was not made with love. Sure its still Christmas dinner, but it is lacking so much you rather never speak of it. The single reason so many would be photogs fail today. Is not because there is so many. But because they don’t shoot with vision and passion. Take the time to plan out a composition, think about the processing and the post. Have a final image in your head long before you ever start. You will be much happier with the end result, and you will gain repeat clients. Your the artist, its up to you to be creative. Bring passion to each shot, and each shot will bring you pleasure.

I am fighting this Christmas to raise the funding to build my vision and to share my passion. Please I would rather not enjoy the holidays alone, so join me in creating something amazing.

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