See the man, for more than what you have.

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We look at people and see what we want to see, when often there is so much more that we never open our eyes too. A man is more than just what he wears, where he works or what he owns. A man has a soul, and many never see past the flesh to see the man inside. We see the exterior, and judge. We fail to see where that man came from in life. Never seeing the pain, the regrets, the hope. Man is deeper than we give him credit for. Man has taken us to great heights, and pushed us through the darkest deepest lows. Yet man sits alone, when his heart wants more. Not one ever sees past what the man before them may become. Naked, it is not a perversion. It is both a natural state and a state of vulnerability. To humbly say, the past is past the future is yet to come and the present. Is truth. I bare my soul, I shed my wears. In hopes to show, I am more than the man you think I am. Please this holiday season please visit and support my vision. It is what my soul bears, to take my past to use my future to change my present in ways that will allow my fellow man to do the same.


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