Your Aggravating Me. A Bi-Polar Rant.

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I WANT TO SHAKE AND SCREAM at most of you. I am Bi-Polar Type 1, have sever anxiety PTSD, Disassociation Disorder, ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia. As I strive to never judge, or assume. Reading posts and comments, I find myself shocked at the level of incompetence of Bi-Polar. For 30 years I have been doing deep research. In high school I had wrote a paper about genetics and bipolar. Along with accompanying dis-orders. Proper diagnoses and care involving rescue as well as long term. I fight every day to live, I fight to have some sort of normalcy. The struggles are real. But I see so many exaggerated and fabricated posts. This tends to be the normal in society. It is beyond disturbing. At your worst, you can either be consumed or you can fight back. Easy, no. But the number one treatment for ALL MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, is not Medication, whether prescribed or self medicating. Talk therapy is crap, unless you like to hear your self talk, there is no value. As no one else lives in your head, they cant help you over come what your feeling. The only way to combat the furry of emotions. Is two parts, the first is physical, eating right and proper exercise. Lack of either decreases hormone levels and on a biological level your systems can not function. Meds do not fix nor help that., They simply fool your system short term. Hence so many I feel goods and stop meds and crash. Second part, is passion. You yourself need to have something passionate about. When you have something that excites you so much in life, that no hurdle will stop you from being engaged in your passion. Having a passion fosters life, and the desire to become OCD about your passion. Before you know it, your living. Is life 100% better in a few years? No, Life is simply more enjoyable to fig ht the mental issues you may be dealing with. Mental Health, is not I repeat IS NOT all Mental. 90% is a bio-chemical issue. For those that are still confused, bad genetics. I could write a book right now to explain this but why? The only thing that matters is this. YOU FUCKING MATTER. YOU HAVE VALUE. YOU MATTER TO ME. So Please, stop being ignorant to what you have lived with. And learn how to tell yourself YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME……

OK, Have a Great Day.

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