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Hey I know I have already shared this, but. There is so much I want to do with my life instead of sitting in the 250sqft in which I have become entombed in. Life is life, and never came easy for me. I busted my ass for many years just to have a roof and enough food to eat. I have lost many great things in life. I could go on for hours about my past. It is just that my past. I want to have a much better life now and going forward. However I simply can not do anything about much on my own at this current time. I desperately need to pay off some credit cards, I need to get the means to obtain my drivers license and a car. A new home in which I could set up a studio for my photography so that I can actually have clients and create works I can actually sell. I am very creative, and have always found a way to make things happen. But I am at this time, with out a path. I need to be able to drive, so that I can shoot on location or even pick up part time or odd jobs for money. I need a home I can be myself in and do what I love. I am trapped where I am in so many ways. I have a much larger goal and vision to fund, that will enable me to live the life I see for myself. What has been shared will help me for the next few months. But if I can raise even more, then I can do more to obtain the means to do for myself. I am currently on disability and it just is not cutting it. My heart longs for love which I do not have and my soul longs to be creative. Would you please visit and help me get the ball rolling? Or you can simply support by using the donate button below. Thank you for your time and have a great week.

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