Raven’s Way 2017 Spring Hunt Test

We had a great time watching and capturing some of the action at RavensWay HRC Spring Test in Scurry Texas. This years hunt test was held at PecanRidge.
The weekend of March3rd,4th &5th 2017, we got to hangout with a great group of people. At the Ravensway HRC 2017 Spring Hunt Test. In Scurry Texas they held their test this year on the grounds of Pecan Ridge Outdoor Center which is nice grounds for such an event as this. As there was much to do and see, we tried to capture what we could. Between the weather and being needed to fill in else where during the test. Our quantity of photos is limited, but we hope our quality of what we have to share. Will inspire you to spread the word about a great HRC club, the people and what their passion is. So that they continue to grow, and have the ability to hold future tests as well as other Hunting Retriever related events.

If you enjoy our work, we would love for you to support our continuing efforts.

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