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Hello, Do You Hear Me?

pasjrwoctx/ November 9, 2017

Dont take what I say out of context. But if I got half the attention all the bullshit on the news today. My vision would would be funded at 1000% of what I set out to raise. But because I am just a 39yr old single white male on SSDI. No One Cares.. What is sad, is I am trying

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The Vision

pasjrwoctx/ March 24, 2017

My Vision The Vision, To Create A Space That All Can Be Creative. Open to those that have less than ideal opportunity to be their best. To provide an atmosphere that is inviting and inspiring. To teach those that what they have deep within themselves, can enable them to be great… Wild Obtrusive Content That’s Xenodochial that is what #woctxphotog

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