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Naturally Naked

pasjrwoctx/ April 1, 2017

Nudity is both Natural and Free. I hide nothing in my passion in my creativity and in my life. I am comfortable being exposed. Freedom comes from shedding what hides you. Nothing is more relaxing than being naked. I love to be naked. It helps my soul re-energize and it allows me to shed the weight of life. Refreshing my

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Naked Man

pasjrwoctx/ June 4, 2017

Hours go by and no one notices the naked man just standing there. Alone,

Naked 2016-09-15

pasjrwoctx/ September 15, 2014

What 38 and single looks like in todays world. Naked, it is not a lack of clothing. It is a statement of how simple life can be. When one sheds most of the worldly things. Man in his true form, is a beautiful and passionate being. If only we all saw that in one another. Life on earth would be

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