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The Vision

pasjrwoctx/ March 24, 2017

My Vision The Vision, To Create A Space That All Can Be Creative. Open to those that have less than ideal opportunity to be their best. To provide an atmosphere that is inviting and inspiring. To teach those that what they have deep within themselves, can enable them to be great… Wild Obtrusive Content That’s Xenodochial that is what #woctxphotog

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Creativity That Is Unique

pasjrwoctx/ September 2, 2016

With every work, #woctxphotog creates a one of a kind unique look to for the finished work. Never to be duplicated. Our creativity, in never ending. Unlike most, we enjoy spending the time it takes to create a finished work. That speaks out all on it’s own. When you choose #woctxphotog you can be assured. What we create for you

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New Opportunities

pasjrwoctx/ March 26, 2016

I turned 38 this month, and I am seeking better opportunities. To be around like minded people and the chance to explore my, artistic freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Abstract life is best lived in the now. Not delayed and not always planed out. Taking the path that often chose us, instead of us seeking out the path to

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Fresh Starts 2016-06-10

pasjrwoctx/ June 10, 2016

If you enjoy our work, we would love for you to support our continuing efforts. Photographs taken using Olympus OM-D E-M5 with M.Zuiko 14-42mm IIR lens. Share This