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What never was, but a storm of mind.

pasjrwoctx/ August 29, 2017

Emptiness fills the voids, Pain is the only emotion, Loneliness is the reality. Void of compassion, Void of love, Void of understanding. Blind to the experience, Blind to the reality, Blind to the existence. As the waters pour in, As the winds blow, As the body dies. You do not know me, You do not see me, You do not

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Your Aggravating Me. A Bi-Polar Rant.

pasjrwoctx/ August 10, 2017

I WANT TO SHAKE AND SCREAM at most of you. I am Bi-Polar Type 1, have sever anxiety PTSD, Disassociation Disorder, ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia. As I strive to never judge, or assume. Reading posts and comments, I find myself shocked at the level of incompetence of Bi-Polar. For 30 years I have been doing deep research. In high school I

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The only question is why?

pasjrwoctx/ September 27, 2016

Hello World, I am a man with Bi-Polar along with a few other issues. Am I ashamed? Not a chance. I was born this way. Life has been hell for me. Yet I fight everyday to wake up, shower get dressed. Only hoping that I have another day on earth that will bring but a moment of peace and happiness.

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BiPolars, Dream For Peace

pasjrwoctx/ September 26, 2016

The face of bipolar, is the same as any other face. Often you see a person and have no clue what they are dealing with. What they have experienced, or how they feel at that moment. Outward appearance, has become all the rage on social media. Putting up a wall between reality and perception. Bi-Polar, is a wall between living

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