Since you rather look than read,

pasjrwoctx/ June 26, 2017

Hey I know I have already shared this, but. There is so much I want to do with my life instead of sitting in the 250sqft in which I have become entombed in. Life is life, and never came easy for me. I busted my ass for many years just to have a roof and enough food to eat. I

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The Disgust Begins With an End.

pasjrwoctx/ June 16, 2017

I am very open minded and support almost all life choices that promote safe and healthy love. That said, it is not governments business to be involved in the love of two adults. I feel time has allowed people to build walls that nature never intended. Dividing brother against brother. This issue is one between brothers not between governments and

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pasjrwoctx/ June 6, 2017

From birth to death, humans make mistakes. We take strides forward, we take turns that cause us to fall backwards. Sometimes we make mistakes along the way. But for the most part, we are good people. Yet society finds away, like a bully in school. Too pick on and torment those that have stumbled a time or two. Instead of

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pasjrwoctx/ June 4, 2017

The face of bipolar, is the same as any other face. Often you see a person and have no clue what they are dealing with. What they have experienced, or how they feel at that moment. Outward appearance, has become all the rage on social media. Putting up a wall between reality and perception. Bi-Polar, is a wall between living

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Sometimes I like to write

pasjrwoctx/ December 25, 2016

Never seen, never heard. Empty from the inside. A soul is lost in the breeze. A man that never was. Dreams covered by the gray skies. A life that was never realized. Passion that burned, compassion that yearned. From the heavens he came. To live a dream. Only to be consumed by the game. They forgot his name, they forgot

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pasjrwoctx/ July 10, 2014

“Hands” There are many pairs, singles, halves and mangled. Hands, that create, hands that heal, hands that play, hands that take. Hands that help, and hands that wave. Holding hands, says so very much. Weather your holding the one’s you love, a friend in need or your own. Hands strong enough to break, smash and crush, have two sides. Hands

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Take A Seat

pasjrwoctx/ May 5, 2014

Imagination is the foundation of creativity. Passion is the result of creativity. Creativity brings life to the unknown. As interesting as the ordinary is. We live to be extraordinary, in both our daily lives and in everything we do. Finding your passion, is as easy as using your imagination. The question is will you be creative and bring out the

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Daryl's Story

pasjrwoctx/ February 28, 2014

Daryl,  a simple man sitting in front of an old building.  More or less begging for change.  Being polite as he can.  After a while we talked for about an hour.  All the time asking people as they go by for change.  Most smile and keep walking a few reluctantly give the rest rudely ignoring he is there.   Finding out

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Here is the final result of how I felt, and how I saw this man.

pasjrwoctx/ January 10, 2014

Sitting alone in the dark, a rainy Texas night in October. Reflecting upon the day spent wandering Dallas. Looking for something, yet finding nothing. Pointing my camera around in hopes to capture something extraordinary. Left feeling creative with out cause. The rain hiding my tears of pain. The pain of my life and that life has brought to me. Seeking

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