pasjrwoctx/ August 19, 2017

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Sad State Of Life

pasjrwoctx/ July 24, 2017

Sad state of life, Democrats and Republicans fail everyday at uniting this country. Our federal government is on a wild goose chase to get a non conforming man out of the office of President. As most of America only cares about our Nations Security, Our Energy Dependence, Our Financial State, Health Care and Education. Along with Respectable care for our

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Exclusive Rights, What Dose That Mean and How Do I Price It?

pasjrwoctx/ February 28, 2017

Exclusive Rights, What Dose That Mean and How Do I Price It? At the start of your photography business venture, you probably never thought of contracts, release forms and the most lucrative aspect to all art, Exclusive Rights. As we will cover the bases in this series over the next few weeks. Today we are dealing with Exclusive Rights. Recently

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#woctxphotog presents

pasjrwoctx/ December 7, 2016

Art & Photography by PasjrWoctx is proud to present 2nd Shot Photography We currently are setting up a separate division, that will offer professional photography services to the public. Allowing #woctxphotog to stay true to its creative artistic photography vision. Together you have one amazing creative company. Check them both out today, and see what we have to offer you.

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Random Thought 2016-08-08

pasjrwoctx/ August 8, 2016

A story has 5 points of view. The original concept, the first draft, the revised and edited version, the published version. Then finally the interpretation by the reader. “ Each one of us has a story “ just what you read of me, is by no means the whole story. Just the parts I released, and how you interpret it.

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" Art Education & It's Effect On The Brain "

pasjrwoctx/ July 25, 2016

Simply sharing, because I really understand from personal experience the science behind this. Just hope more people read it. I feel being creative and engaging in the arts. Fosters healthy development and provides a positive release for confusing and often negative emotions. As well it in ways fits into my vision. Sharing was the best way to share valuable knowledge.

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