Hello, Do You Hear Me?

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Dont take what I say out of context. But if I got half the attention all the bullshit on the news today. My vision would would be funded at 1000% of what I set out to raise. But because I am just a 39yr old single white male on SSDI. No One Cares..
What is sad, is I am trying to build something to better myself. As well as give countless others an opportunity to better themselves. But instead, people rather cry over spilled milk. Instead of building opportunity to keep the bottle from falling off the counter.
I live a life unlike so many, yet I am the same as many others. I am often isolated from the world. Stuck with no resources to take care of my personal daily needs little lone my #mentalhealth needs. What sets me apart is my strong desire to beat the negative.
My passion and creative talent keeps me grounded. It allows me to work out my issues. But currently I am lacking the ability to support my self. Building my vision will change all that. As it will take time and hard work. I am so very ready to do so.
I need help, I dont have family and friends I can turn to for help. So I have set up https://www.youcaring.com/philipaswiderskijr-947069 please help me, help myself and put me into a position to eventually be able to help others as well.





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