Sun Set On The Gulf, A Renewed Passion

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When I was a little kid, I would take my dads old pentax slr and imagine I was traveling the world taking amazing photos along the way. Often yelled at for playing with it. Soon my dad would on occasion would buy film and load it for me. Eventually I received a camera of my own. Growing up and through my teen years I always had a camera with me. No matter where I was. I always found a way to capture little parts of the world around me. As time went on so did life. Without going into boring and for me some painful times. My cameras fell out of my hands. Slowly one day one made it back into my hand. After what seemed forever. I captured the moment. That for me re-inspired my passion for photography. This is the photo I took. O the camera, was on a cheap cell phone in early 2000’s. This will remain my passion and this photo a reminder. As the sun sets, so dose the pain we have all lived. So capture what matters to you.

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