Half Way,

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The middle, it is often the point where we are either bored or excited. Take Wednesday, the stress of the new week is well under way, and pulls many into a mid way slump. While it also offers hope that a much needed break is on it’s way. In a relationship the half way point is the one where so many couples give up. Women stop feeling sexy to their men and men forget how to communicate with their woman. Life has filled your time, work family and home life consumes you. Some people find healthy ways to make the mid way, work for a unified future. Between family vacations and looking forward to retirement. Couples plan out the golden years of their lives together. While others, have allowed communication to go silent. There is no connection to family, friends work is a burden. They idea of sitting down together and eating a simple meal seems to be to much to bare. As today is Wednesday, how do you plan on making it beyond the hump. So to excitement and unity for the second half of your lives together?

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