Connection Questions

pasjrwoctx/ August 9, 2017/ My Blog/ 0 comments

Connections, we make and break them through out our lives. Some become life lasting while others are life changing. Often we make snap judgments based on current or former connections. Losing the possibilities that could advance us in life. As we all are searching for something and someone. Not all will find what we want or need. Efforts should be made to elevate our lives. For those that refrain from change, never leave the ground. Love, what is it and why do we really want it? For me, I struggle to connect to others. If and when I do, it is fast hard and more often than not. Life lasting. I am not a normal man. What ever normal is, I am not. Yet I am not so different that I should be avoided like the plague. What I have to offer, many seek and others fear. What I apparently lack is superficial and for most of my life has prevented most from entering my life. I have no direction with this other than to say. Open your hearts and minds. Your happiness and fulfillment may just come from someone you would least expect.

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