Sad State Of Life

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Sad state of life,

Democrats and Republicans fail everyday at uniting this country. Our federal government is on a wild goose chase to get a non conforming man out of the office of President. As most of America only cares about our Nations Security, Our Energy Dependence, Our Financial State, Health Care and Education. Along with Respectable care for our Veterans, Teachers and First Responders. While the “ Fake News “ media is only focusing on the witch hunt that may or may not actually find the wicked witch of the west melting under a pot of water. While all the liberal flying monkeys reek havoc all over rational society. Mean while, in San Antonio Texas at the same time the politically challenged in Austin Texas battle to push legislation against life issues that don’t belong in government. Nine that is 9 people Died trying to get into this country. I do not agree with how they chose to come to the USA. But I am saddened by the fact they took a chance knowing they could be arrested, deported or killed. Just to come to America. Mean while our American Government is acting like a bunch of 2nd graders. Fighting and tattling on one another. Wake up America, we as a society have our priorities very wrong.

Surely we can for but a moment and act like a nation that is great enough to actually die for. After all 9 people died to be apart of our fucked up joke. America, it is time to work together. After all we can, many of us do. Stop allowing non issues and false ideals shape our future.



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