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Over the past few weeks I have conducted a social experiment, mainly online. Since I currently really do not have a way to get out and interact with live humans. I am a very open minded man. More so than most, I do have limits to my openness. But none the less I am open. I see the world in a very different light than most. I can see into the vast beyond of space and time. Understanding that there is far more than what we see in front of our own noses, and many cant see that far. I inserted myself into some of the LGBTQ communities online, to see how accepting of people are they really. Most ignored me, one or two people attempted to reach out, but could not see past their own little world. A few lashed out, not understanding how I can be Christian, Conservative, White, Male and at the same time be open minded. I presented some of my desires and very much needed needs in my life. Pretty much I was laughed at, put down and treated like shit. The “liberal minded” people that claim they are for all rights, all people and accept all and want to be accepted. In fact are Nazis. I mean really, they find any means necessary to lift themselves up while putting the community as a whole (all of society) down. They are in fact not loving peaceful people that push good will onto others. As I am still analyzing my data, and plan on revisiting this in a year or so. Currently I find myself. Lost. We are all humans, we should act like humans right? Should we not as a society forget what certain groups have taught us. About life and humanity, and see life with our own eyes. If as to have seen it for the first time, with no knowledge of faith, religion, politics, science behind it. If God said , in Genesis 26  And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Who was “OUR” and Who’s Image? That alone should tell us as Christians, that every man woman and child was Created as God intended. And it is not for me to judge you based on what society taught me you are. I am to accept you as you are for God made you how ever you see yourself. Not as I see. Yet, when I actually live that way. On my side of reality. My fellow Christian Conservatives ignore me, and those that would love me to see them as they want to be seen. They scorn me for doing so. What the fuck, is there no sanity amongst us anymore? I picked the LGBTQ communities to study because one, I have always had homosexual friends most of my life. Two because of my open, creative and free spirited mind. I felt I would have been accept as I am for who I am with open arms. That was so not the case. I am not trying to pick on anyone. I am trying to open peoples minds to the fact we all live, breath, bleed and die the same. As we are all on this planet together. Should we not find a way to shed labels, discard anger and find a way to live in unity? I am not right for this world, I know that. But since I am here, I would love to be loved, enjoyed valued and wanted. Don’t you? We have become a society of SCREAMERS, Left Swipers, and Very Self Centered Narcissists. Wake UP, and See Life. Don’t wait till the end and cry you lost so much from your blindness…..



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