The Disgust Begins With an End.

pasjrwoctx/ June 16, 2017/ My Blog/ 0 comments

I am very open minded and support almost all life choices that promote safe and healthy love. That said, it is not governments business to be involved in the love of two adults. I feel time has allowed people to build walls that nature never intended. Dividing brother against brother. This issue is one between brothers not between governments and citizens. Like so many other issues that truly can be resolved with mutual efforts. We the people need to stop saying I am gay, I am straight, I am white, I am black. We the people need to stand together and say we are all humans. You want to know why government wants or does not want to fight these battles, it is because man kind has become to childish and selfish to fight for. It is one thing to be proud of who you are today, it is another to push the limits. After all a prideful man shall fall before any greatness comes of him. I am so tired of all the stories in todays news. This is just another show of determination to dived people more, instead of showing cause to accept and unite.

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