Naked Man

pasjrwoctx/ June 4, 2017/ Short Stories/ 0 comments

Standing bare, in the corner. Watching as people go by. Hours go by and no one notices the naked man just standing there. Alone, slightly dirty and clearly a man. Naked, and just standing in the open. Sure it is a corner, but this is a public venue. Is this guy for real? Is he part of the exhibit? Where did he come from, after all he was not here a the start of the night. Not moving, but breathing never making eye contact. Yet some how appears to be very aware of everyone moving about.


I asked several people about the naked man, I get the same response. They ask are you ok? There is no naked man in the corner.

What, no I am fine. I desperately need some fresh air. Moving through the people and the crowded space. I find the exit. As I reach the door, I hear someone call my name. I turn around to find the naked man is right behind me. I ask him how dose he know my name? Philip, its me. Or I me you, its us. What the hell I ask him who s he. Again the man looks at me, this time reaching out and grabbing my shoulders. He tells me, its you. Then he tells me you need to wake up. It is not time yet. Time time for what, and wake up. What is going on I ask, apparently to my self.

By this time there is a crowd of people around me, all whispering and watching me convulsing on the floor. In and out of consciousness I can see them all gazing at me. Judging me, and discussing what a shame it was.


Clearly I was out of my head, and lost as all hell I am. Not able to coherently speak, not able to stand. I try to get away, only blocked by this naked man. Which says he his me.

Several hours pass, and deep in comma. The Naked man returns, telling me to wake up. It is not time yet.

Why am I naked, Why do I not recognize myself, and Why is it not time yet?


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